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Legal Updates

Law No. 24/2009 on National Flag, Language, Symbol and Anthem
On 9 July 2009, the Government of Indonesia enacted Law Number 24 of 2009 regarding the National Flag, Language, Symbol and Anthem (Bendera, Bahasa, dan Lambang Negara, serta Lagu Kebangsaan) (the “Law”) which was effective immediately after the enactment ... read more

Recent Legal Developments related to Mining Activities in Indonesia
The Government has enacted Law No. 32 of 2009 on Conservation and Management of Environment dated 3 October 2009 (the “Environment Law”). The Environmental Law introduces the so-called Environment License (Izin Lingkungan) which shall be required for all business activities who already obtained AMDAL ... read more

Guidelines on Franchise Agreements which are not subject to Antimonopoly Law
In March 2009, the Supervisory Commission for Business Competition (“KPPU”) Issued Decree No. 57/KPPU/Kep/III/2009 on Guidelines for Implementation of Provision of Article 50 (b) of Law No. 5 Year 1999 on Monopolistic Practices and Unfair Business Competition with Regard to Agreements related to Franchises (“Decree 57/2009”), which to some degree seeks to exempt franchises from the applicability of the anti-monopoly law ... read more

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