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Legal Updates

New Navigation Regulation – GR No. 5 of 2010

The government issued Government Regulation No. 5 of 2010 on Navigation (the “Regulation”) to facilitate the implementation of Articles 177, 183(2), 194, 186(2), 196, 206(2) of the Law No. 17 of 2008 regarding Shipping.
The Regulation repeals and replaces Government Regulation No ... read more

New Guidelines and Procedures for Investment Applications

With a view to setting out the guidelines and procedures for investment applications within the framework of integrated one door services, the Head of the Indonesian Investment Coordinating Board (Badan Koordinasi Penanaman Modal – “BKPM”) has issued Regulation No ... read more

Money Laundering and Terrorism Funding - Bank Indonesia Circular

Bank Indonesia (BI) has issued a Circular, No. 11/31/DPNP with the express intent of providing a set of guidelines to facilitate the implementation of the anti-money laundering and prevention of terrorism funding program contained in BI Regulation No ... read more

Material Transactions and Changes to Principal Business Activities - BAPEPAM-LK Regulation No. IX.E.
The Financial Institutions and Capital Market Supervisory Board (BAPEPAM-LK) has issued Decision No. KEP-413/BL/2009 (this decision has been in force since 25 November 2009) to improve an earlier decision, No. Kep-02/PM/2002 and the rule it contained, Rule No ... read more

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