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Legal Updates

Procedures for Obtaining Special Licenses in the Mining Sector

The Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (“Minister”) has issued Regulation No. 32 of 2013 on Procedures for Granting Special Licenses for the Mineral and Coal Mining Sectors (“ESDM 32/2013”) which is effective as of 19 November 2013. ESDM 32/2013 is intende to establish procedures for granting special mineral and coal mining licenses for the following mining related licenses: a. Temporary License to Transport and Sell Minerals and Coal; b. Mining License to Sell Minerals and Coal; c. Mining License to Transport and Sell Minerals and Coal; and d. Mining License to Process and Purify Minerals and Coal. ESDM 32/2013 sets out specific requirements as well as procedures to obtain the above special mining licenses. To found out more info on the above regulation, please contact us.

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